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Your Feminine Power, Maximized

Your Kabbalah, Your Contribution...

Their Protection!

I want to Protect by taking on a Kabbalah in Tzniut

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Let’s Be Their Advocates to

Bring Them Home!

I want to Protect a Hostage Child

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My Tzniut Kabbalah Is

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The Story of Dafna Elyakim

'The article says the picture is from Gaza but we are not 100 percent sure. They changed their clothes to long sleeved. In Arabic, it says they gave them better clothes for prayer. Because their shorts were not modest', Maayan told the Jewish News.

Maayan, mother of Dafna & Ella, kidnapped by Hamas

Rav Shalom Arush Shares

A photo posted by Hamas on Telegram on Oct. 7 shows Dafna being held in Gaza. The Arabic caption placed over her photo reads: “They should have dressed her in a prayer robe.”

Please daven and take on a kabbalah in tznius for the safe return of:

Daphna Bat Maayan &

Ella Bat Maayan

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Told by Rav Shalom Arush: “My daughter told me this story, she knows the girl personally and the girl told her this story: This girl was at that party on Simchat Torah but she was dressed modestly. The terrorists surprised the party and started shooting. The terrorist saw her covered properly, STOPS SHOOTING and yelled – “Get out of here! You don’t belong here!” He stopped shooting!

Editor’s Note – This girl not only saved her life with her modest dress, but she surely saved the lives of others, since the terrorist stopped shooting, giving time for others to run away.

The Message is Clear

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(In Hebrew)

The power of a mother’s tzniut...even if only fleeting

Maggie Megidish would do anything to bring her daughter home.

Ori, an IDF soldier, was kidnapped on Oct. 7th & her whereabouts were unknown.

Maggie was told to take on a kabbalah in tzniut while performing hafrashas challah. Maggie listened, and her now heart wrenching & tear inducing hafrashas challah video has gone viral. In it, you won’t recognize the woman that can be seen posing with her daughter prior.

Ori was rescued a few days later and returned safely home. Maggie can be seen hugging her daughter,

sans head covering and modest attire.

So what’s our message? If the power of a mothers heartfelt kabbalah, even a shortlived on, could bring back her daughter, how much more so our kabbalahs in tznius -- who knows how many soldiers & hostages we can bring back!!

Let us not allow this precious opportunity to slip by!

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Bringing the Shechina Back One Kabbalah @ a Time

You’ve committed to saying more tehillim

You’ve sent charity & care packages to the soldiers

You’re working on being a nicer, kinder person


Now utilize your ultimate superpower by upgrading your modesty

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How does it work:

Commit to taking on one kabbalah* in tzniut as a protection for yourself, your family, and all of

Klal Yisroel.

Let us know what your Kabbalah is and we will match you up with the name of a soldier/hostage to daven for his/her

safe return.

Kabbalah Ideas:

  • lengthen your skirt by one inch
  • lengthen your sleeves by one inch
  • wear less fitted clothing
  • cut your sheitel one inch
  • choose to put on a mitpachat instead of a sheitel once a day
  • place a boundary around your interactions with men not related to you
  • tone down your makeup/nailpolish
  • wear a mitpachat every friday night when lighting shabbat candles
  • remove a social media app from your phone

*kabbalah should be accepted for a minimun of 40 days or until the war ends and our soldiers/hostages return home

In the News

In the News

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Stories of Protection:

3 skirts, 3 neshamos saved

1:30pm on that fateful day terrorists entered my home. I hid in a closet. They broke the door and took me out. They brought the two kids to me - one age 4 1/2 and one almost 4. They took us out of the home and through the settlement, passing by homes of devastation, and blood. The entire time all we heard was gun shots and screams. We were heading to Gaza. When we were almost by the entrance of Gaza - I could already see their houses...

The Fabric of Life

Covered Legs Provided Cover for my family

I was at the festival enjoying my time with friends when the terrorists broke in. I began running like everyone else. There was shouting and gunshots all around me. I noticed a piece of fabric near me and wrapped it around my bare shoulders. Was I taking upon myself covering my body in a more modest way, or was I simply hoping to “cover up” so I would be less vulnerable, less “exposed?

I heard about the power of taking on a kabbalah in tznius and particularly the power of doing it with a group of women. I thought to myself, “very nice, but leave me alone! I can do so many other things, but tznius? Not for me! I’m good enought. I will think of something else to do”. A few months later the war started and I was so scared! I decided I wouldn’t wait anymore and I would take on a kabbalah in tznius. I listened to a few ideas and took one 3: to cover my legs in my house, to wear full length tights when I went outside, and to go through my closet and make sure all my skirts were the right length. As I was going through my closet, I kept davening...

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Why our modesty matters

שרה באוהל emulating our Matriach

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You’re a daughter, a friend, a wife

You a growing person who is always striving to reach your highest potential

You’re a leader, an influencer, an example

People respect you and follow your lead

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Generations look up to you for inspiration

You are teacher, a mother, a guide to so many who look up to you

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בזכות נשים צידקניות, עתידים להיגאל

In the merit of righteous women, we will be redeemed

<< · בראשית רבה · יח · ב · >>

רבי יהושע דסכנין בשם ר' לוי אמר: ויבן כתיב, התבונן מאין לבראתה. אמר: לא אברא אותה מן הראש, שלא תהא מיקרת ראשה; לא מן העין, שלא תהא סקרנית;., אלא ממקום שהוא צנוע באדם... מכוסה

. ועל כל אבר ואבר שהיה בורא בה היה אומר לה: תהא אשה צנועה, אשה צנועה

but from a place that is modest in a person,..

. And to every organ and organ that he created in her he would say to her: Be a modest woman, a modest woman”

And continued with Sarah

וַיֹּאמְרוּ אֵלָיו אַיֵּה שָׂרָה אִשְׁתֶּךָ וַיֹּאמֶר הִנֵּה בָאֹהֶל.

And they said to him, "Where is Sarah your wife?" and he said, "Here she is in the tent."

It began with Chava

Share your kabbalahs with us!

Let us know if you would like the name of a soldier/hostage to daven for when you do your kabbalah. We will send you information on the steps to follow.

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